Welcome to Year 1

The teachers in Year One this Year are Mrs McTeggart, Mrs Colwell, Miss Shefford.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Mellor, Mrs Corbishley, Mrs Wilmer, Mrs Dave and Mrs Pell.

Hopefully you have received our first letter to you to share important information about the school week. In the morning there is always a member of staff to greet the children on the door and if you have any queries then that member of staff will take a note to the relevant teacher so that they can be dealt with promptly. If you require a more lengthy discussion then please make an appointment with your teacher. 

Although we only have a short time left in Term 1 the children will be bringing home a topic leaflet about the things we have been learning this term. We will be carrying our topics over in to Term 2 as we started some parts of the curriculum a little later this year. A new leaflet will be sent to you after the half term break.It also includes some very useful information. If you have any questions don't forget you can contact your class teacher via email.

We have started our topic 'Around The World'The children have been learning about where in the world they live. Our aim is to locate and name the seven continents as well as the five oceans. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring our world and visiting the seven continents virtually! We have learnt that our world is like a ball! The children have then been introduced to atlases and have enjoyed locating them and colouring in their own maps. We are beginning to understand that names of places have capital letters and have also been practising writing our Kinetic Letters capitals in English. A story you could read with your children is 'The world came to my place today'.

The children have been learning a song to help them remember the names! They like to sing it often!


Year 1 Curriculum Letters