Y2 Slides

Welcome to Year 2

Our classes are named after Roald Dahl characters...

Mr Fox (Mrs Astill)
Esio Trot (Mrs Morgan & Mrs Farbon) 
Mugglewump (Mrs Shefchick)

Our teaching assistants are
Mrs Martindale, Mrs Setchell, Mrs Rhodes, Miss Fisher, Mrs Glenn, Mrs Brown and Mr Reilly.

We have been learning about the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 ahead of our Jubilee celebrations this week. We designed our own sparkling crowns adorned with precious gems and had coronations ceremonies in our classes!

We have finished our topic on The Enormous Crocodile this week by making a bask of peg crocodiles - bask is the word for a group of crocodiles! We enjoyed revisiting some skills and being creative. We also learnt a poem about crocodiles, exploring the rhyming words, adjectives and vocabulary before rehearsing to perform. There was lots of laughter as we performed in pairs with actions! Here is the poem, perhaps you could perform it to your family at home? The crocodile Has a toothy smile His teeth are sharp and long And in the swamp When he takes a chomp His bite is quick and strong! So if you smile At a crocodile There’s just one thing to say If he smiles too Be sure that you Are very far away!

By Meish Goldish

Year 2 Curriculum Letters