Y2 Slides

Welcome to Year 2

Our classes are named after Roald Dahl characters...

Mr Fox (Mrs Astill)
Esio Trot (Mrs Morgan & Mrs Farbon) 
Mugglewump (Mrs Shefchick)

Our teaching assistants are
Mrs Martindale, Mrs Setchell, Mrs Rhodes, Miss Fisher, Mrs Glenn, Mrs Brown and Mr Reilly.

Today the children have been learning about Kente patterns from Ghana in Africa. We have looked at different styles of pattern to create our own repeating patterns. We then painted them in bright colours! We will be learning more about Kente patterns over the next few weeks in our Art lessons, including why they use particular colours.

Today we finished our topic work on “Up High and Down Low” by making kites! Over the last few weeks we have followed a Design Technology process. First we found out about kites, their parts and how they fly. Next we thought about materials we could use and created our designs. We decided that we would make our kites as eco-friendly as we could, opting to make them from recycled paper rather than plastic bags (just don’t fly them in the rain!) Finally we worked together to build our kites and fly them!

Year 2 Curriculum Letters