Welcome to Year 6

 In Year 6, the children will be working hard to revise previous learning. We will also be introducing and exploring new concepts across the curriculum to extend their learning.

In English, we are finding out about the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider. We will use the facts that we find to create a non-chronological report informing the reader how the arachnid becomes a predator and how it protects itself.

Our Maths work will be focusing on units and conversions of measurements. For help with Maths at home, take a look at Boothville’s Maths blog.

The Amazon Rainforest is our topic this term. We will be discovering the many flora and fauna that can found in the differing layers and what part they play in the food chain. We will be showing off our artistic skills to hide and extend a photo from within the depths of the rainforest using a range of artistic devices.

Our focus in Science will be Electricity. We will be identifying how circuits work, exploring the effects of voltage and comparing variations in how components function

Astronauts land back in the ocean when coming back to Earth and the parachute on the capsule helps them to slow down their re-entry. 
We have been designing parachutes using items from around the home. The challenge was to make it stable enough to hold an egg safely for a water landing. 
We’ve had some fantastic videos and pictures of the investigations. It looks like there’s been some very smooth runs and maybe a few crash landings!

We have been getting messy and making poo!

The investigation took us through the process of the human digestive system. Each step showed us how food is broken down into smaller parts throughout each stage. 

We took lots of pictures to help us to write our explanation texts next week.

Year 6 Curriculum Letters