Welcome to Year 3

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In our year group, we have three classes named after characters from The Jungle Book story – Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera.

The class teachers in Year 3 are Miss Fitzpatrick, Miss Garner and Miss Smith.

We are so lucky to have lots of other adults working with us, including: Mrs Kahn, Mrs Tarry, Mr Jackson, Mrs Glenn, Mrs Pell and Miss Gjinaj.

If you would like to get in touch, please email our class email addresses:

 (3MG - Miss Fitzpatrick)
 (3BL - Miss Garner)
 (3BG - Miss Smith)

There are several learning links on this page if you are looking for homework help or online activities. We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to so keep checking back on the blog to find out what we are up to in Year 3.

World Book Day!!

On Thursday 7th March 2024, the children in Year 3 had a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day. Not only were the children dressed in amazing costumes inspired by their favourite books but we also had a fun day of learning and activities influenced by our favourite authors. The children took part in a whole school book-trail, aiming to guess the name of the book from the clues provided. Year 3 also had a digitally inspired Masked Reader activity where they had to guess who the reader of the book was behind the mask. We also spent some time reading and sharing our favourite books with our class. A fabulous World Book Day was enjoyed by our children in Year 3.


Enterprise & Craft Stall Sale!

The Year 3 children have worked extremely hard over the past term to design and create a range of products to sell during their Enrichment Enterprise lessons. The project was led by the children as they suggested the products to create and sell and they problem solved when issues arose during the designing and creating phase. The children have not only developed their creative skills but also became finance officers as they have had to research and create cost sheets for the materials needed and projected their expected sales and profit. We are extremely proud of their achievements and know we have some budding business entrepreneurs ready for the future business world.

The craft stall sale took place on Friday 1st March and the children raised an amazing amount of £643.00. A portion of the money will be donated to the charity, Kids Aid and the remaining funds will be used for an outing in the Summer Term and to help organise a Year 3 School sleepover later in the year.

As part of our Enterprise, the Year 3 children asked people to guess the name of the Giant Bear. This fun activity also helped contribute to the fund-raising total. The name of the Giant Bear is George and well done to the winner who got to take him home.