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At Boothville, we believe that our pupils deserve a creative and ambitious mathematics curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for everyday life and their future journey through education. Our pupils have the opportunity to explore new concepts and build on prior learning, taking small steps to achieve greater understanding along their mathematical learning journey.

White Rose Maths

We use a Maths Mastery approach using the White Rose Maths programme. Within White Rose Maths, children broaden and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. We aim for every child to become confident and competent in each small step objective and to be ready to face new challenges. It is important that pupils are secure in their knowledge and understanding across all mathematical areas and show resilience in their learning.

Mathematics is taught through three main types of questioning:

  • Varied Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving

Children explore mathematical concepts in depth. Work is differentiated and adapted where appropriate to ensure a curriculum that is specific to each child’s learning needs. We encourage the use of manipulatives and pictorial methods to develop understanding before using concrete written methods.

Times Table Rock Stars

To support the children with their multiplication practice we use Times Table Rock Stars as an online and fun learning platform.

Times Tables Rock Stars is part of your child's weekly homework in KS2. Every pupil has a TTRockStars account to use at home and in school. Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. Tournaments take place across school and within year groups so it is important that every child plays regularly.

Children can practice in the 'Garage', earn their rock status in the 'Studio' or compete against their peers in the 'Arena'. Pupils can even challenge each other to a battle in 'Rockslam' or play against children from all around the world in 'Festival' mode!


Children in KS1 have access to Numbots. This is an online game that can significantly improve the children’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts with its little and often approach.

Numbots helps children to learn and practice three core elements of arithmetic:

  • Subitising  - the ability instantly recognise the number of objects in a group without the need to count them
  • Number bonds - pairs of numbers that add up to a certain number e.g. all the number bonds to 10.
  • Adding and Subtracting

All children will benefit from using Numbots. KS2 children will progress through the early levels quickly and move on to mastering more difficult mental arithmetic. The login details are the same as the TTRS login.

NumBots is about every child completing the triple challenge of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction. This enables them to move from counting to calculating.

You will find links to Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars on the right-hand side of this page. There are other useful Maths links there too.

Mrs Gates
Maths Lead

Twitter: @Booth_Maths


For the past two weeks we have been having a Times Tables Rock Stars year group battle. The final scores are in and after a runaway start from year 4 it was very close at the end! Thank you to everyone who took part.

The final totals were:
Year 4 - 32,421
Year 6 - 32,219
Year 2 - 23,353
Year 3 - 12,217
Year 5 - 9,059

Well done to Year 4 who are Boothville year group champions!

Here is special mention to some Times Tables Rock Stars superstars! You were the top scorers in your year groups and all scored over 1,000 points for your band. Some of you had totals in the 2,000s and 3,000s and four of you scored over 8,500 points. AMAZING!

Y6 - Paul (10,167), Nawful, Harvey F, David, Alfie S, Oliwia, Sabrina
Y5 - Kuba, Oliver
Y4 - Magada (11,246), Finley, Zac, Laritta, Edrissa, Alisha, Ernie, Philip, Dylan
Y3 - Violet, Noah, Chloe W, Ronan
Y2 - Rudra (9,920), Nicholas (8,509), Arjun

Keep playing and practising over the summer holidays. Year 6, I will move you into a class called ‘Year6Leavers’ and your logins will work until September.

Our Times Table Rock Stars Battle of the Bands finished yesterday. Well done to all of the children who took part. It was a very close competition within some year groups with the lead changing several times. In the tables below you can see each class total and the highest point scorer for each class. Excellent effort all of you! 

A special mention goes to Mugglewump who had the most players for one class. Another special mention must go to Rudra who singlehandedly scored all of the points for his class - wow! 

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