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E-Safety Support for Parents

Online safety.  Contact, Content, Conduct

Online safety is a very important part of our IT and PSHE teaching at Boothville Primary school. The children follow a comprehensive scheme from South West Grid for Learning that covers Internet Safety, Privacy & Security, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying, Information Literacy, Self Image & Identity, Digital Footprint & Reputation and Creative Credit & Copyright. You can register and download your own copy here.

In addition we regularly visit Esafety topics in assembly. Please ask your children about their latest lesson on Esafety.

Our key considerations as adults regarding our children’s online safety are Contact, Content, Conduct:

  • Ensuring children’s Contact with others online is appropriate.
  • The Content they are exposed to is appropriate
  • Their Conduct online is appropriate and safe

Please find below a number of helpful sites that have been referenced recently on the school newsletter to support you as a parent supervising your child on technology.

Esafety Advisor - an interesting read, especially as many children may have received tablets and digital devices for Christmas. Read it here.

Childnet - this resource has 8 commonly asked questions about how to keep young children safe online, such as how much time? How can I supervise my child? What games are ok to play?

Obviously filters on our Wifi at home are useful, but should not be viewed as a catch all. For instance when children are away from your own Wifi anything set up at home will not be effective. Even so, here is some advice on setting up filters on BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media systems. Last week I suggested some ways of supporting childrens’ safety through filters set up on your home Wifi network. Some sites have their own way of restricting content. Advice for YouTube is here.

Vodaphone have an excellent resource to view and download here; it is well worth the time to read the latest, and earlier copies.

Autism Online have an excellent resource to support parents of children with Autism online, but equally contains lots of information that can be of use to everybody.

Support here for parents regarding internet enabled devices, and implications for them regarding online safety.

Support here for parents if your children are using Instagram

Facebook has an age restriction of 13, due to data harvesting laws in the US. There is some support here for parents to manage their own, and children’s Facebook accounts.

An A to Z of online terms. This could be useful for when parents are reading and accessing different documents.

CBBC has many fabulous resources to help your child think about staying safe online in a fun and engaging way.

Lots of information here for parents about social networking, and specific social media apps. An 8 point quiz to answer, and help to understand the implications.

These cartoons illustrate 5 e-safety SMART rules and include a real life SMART Crew of young people, who guide the cartoon characters in their quest, and help them make safe online decisions.

ThinkUKnow is an invaluable resource to support internet safety. This is a site for Key stage 1 children to share with their parents.