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Help with Phonics

Welcome to our Phonics Help page!

At Boothville we want all of the children to have a positive experience when learning to read. Below are some videos and a glossary of terms you may find useful when working on home reading with your child. 

  • Single sounds – the sound a single letter makes – “s” = “sssss” 
  • Digraphs – 2 letters together to make a sound – “ay” as in “play” 
  • Trigraphs – 3 letters together to make a sound – “are” as in “care”
  • Split digraphs – 2 letters that are apart to make one sound – “i-e” as in “smile”

What are blending and segmenting?

  • Segmenting – Segmenting is the same as “sounding-out” or “Fred Talk”. This is when a child takes an unknown word and breaks it up into parts e.g. h-e-n or p-l-ay.
  • Blending – Blending is when the word is put back together and read as a whole. So h-e-n becomes hen.  
  • Learning to blend words can take time for some children but it is important not to give up and keep encouraging them to sound the word out. Eventually it will come!

Useful Videos

Learning the Phonics Sounds

Learning to Blend

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check